I started a business coaching with Loredana, from the general and pragmatic issues I was facing. I felt confident to go further with her, through the attention she shows in every detail, at the same time, managing to inspire self-responsibility and discipline. The passion she has for what she does is transmitted in the quality of the resources and work tools she uses so that each session represents an applied exercise for the one she works with. I experienced improvements in the quality of work but above all an impactful awareness of the road and the goal I have. I recommend her, with all confidence, to anyone who has the courage to take responsibility for their own direction in life, to those who really want to work for their benefit and especially to those who need to feel that "wow" about themselves and their life! 

Alexandra CBusiness Owner

 Loredana embodies the principles of divine wisdom with her altruistic and noble nature, reminding us that we too can lead fulfilling lives. Her teachings show us that we have forgotten our personal roles and what it means to give and receive with grace. Loredana's example is a guide to finding and acquiring the values that enrich our lives and the lives of those around us. This includes love, balance, self-respect, respect for others and nature, harmonious relationships, and personal success without compromising the good of others. We are all capable of living this way, and working with her helped me strive towards a life full of meaning and purpose. 

Corina ABusiness Owner

 Since working with you, I have started to know myself better, to listen to myself, I feel an inner peace, I no longer react on impulse, I take my time with myself and for that I thank you 

Diana EReal Estate Agency Owner