When Infidelity Becomes a Way of Life: The Relationship Dilemma in 2023

When Infidelity Becomes a Way of Life: The Relationship Dilemma in 2023" 

In recent years, society has seen a rise in infidelity rates, with dating apps making it easier for individuals to stray from their committed relationships. While some may view cheating as harmless fun, others see it as a betrayal of trust. 

Ester Perez, a popular relationship coach, believes that cheating is a destructive force in relationships and advises her clients to stay true to their commitments. 

Jordan Peterson, on the other hand, views authenticity as crucial in maintaining a healthy relationship. He posits that individuals must be honest with themselves and their partners about their desires and intentions to avoid hurt and disappointment. 

Gabor Mate, a renowned Canadian physician, and author argue that past traumas can significantly impact one's relationships, leading to infidelity. He recommends seeking therapy to heal past wounds and form healthier relationship patterns. 

Religious views also play a significant role in shaping people's attitudes towards infidelity. Many faiths hold that marriage is a sacred covenant, and cheating violates that bond, leading to devastating consequences. 

Despite differing views, all agree that the family is a fundamental building block of society. The breakdown of relationships due to infidelity can lead to societal disintegration. 

Many people struggle to balance the need for growth and expansion while maintaining loyalty to their partners. One way to keep a relationship alive is by practising tantra. By intensifying the energetic exchange between partners, tantra can rekindle intimacy and bring back the magic. 

Couples must focus on growing their sexual energy by engaging in practices like tantric exercises and meditation. They should regularly communicate and express their deepest desires and fantasies to maintain a strong emotional and physical connection. Lying within a relationship can have severe consequences, leading to broken trust and emotional harm. It's essential to remain true to oneself while honouring one's commitments. 

Abraham Hicks advises partners to reframe their mindsets and seek happiness within themselves rather than relying solely on their partner. 

Jordan Peterson believes that relationships end when both parties are no longer committed to growth and mutual support. When a couple stops growing together, their connection withers, leading to the relationship's eventual demise. 

Conclusively, relationships are complex, and they require a consistent effort to maintain. It's crucial to foster communication, honesty, and commitment to avoid the trap of infidelity. By investing in oneself and one's partner, it's possible to navigate the relationship dilemma of 2023 and beyond.