My name is Loredana Giuran
Psychologist & Consciousness Coach.

I have created this interface to fully support and guide you through the difficult moments of depression, anxiety, problematic relationships, separation, sexual and emotional abuse, fear, shame, guilt, and loneliness you experienced in the past or are experiencing right now.

My mission is to guide you to recognise and reveal your inner power and intuition and become able to access your life gifts.

In my life, I have dealt with most of the challenges mentioned above and in almost 10 years of inner discovery through coaching, therapy, silent retreats, psychedelics, neurofeedback training and shamanic rituals, I developed the skills and capabilities to guide people on how to heal themself from the emotional pain. I also studied Psychology at UWL (London UK) and I am an accreditated Consciousness Coach (Maastricht, NL).

My approach is to improve and maintain your physical and emotional well-being as you grow in all aspects of your life. We offer live and online counselling, coaching, workshops, retreats and training to equip you with the skills and self-awareness to become better and more empowered versions of yourself.